Synthetic Guide RNA for CRISPR Genome Editing [Info Kit]

Are you tired of sourcing guide RNA from plasmids or through in vitro transcription?

Good news! Synthetic gRNA offers a new approach that boasts superior editing efficiency, more consistent results, and faster overall workflow. To learn more about how synthetic gRNA compares to the traditional techniques, get your free copy of the Synthetic Guide RNA for CRISPR Genome Editing White Paper.

The Synthetic gRNA White Paper looks at how this new option sizes up to traditional in-house methods of making gRNA, including:

  • A review three CRISPR assays employing plasmid cloning, IVT, and synthetic gRNA
  • A comparison of the editing efficiencies of the three methods
  • The different output consistencies of these methods
  • The variable time investment and the speed of each method

This white paper will allow you to familiarize yourself with the unique advantages offered by synthetic gRNA so you can make informed decisions about the experimental design of your CRISPR assays. Get your free copy now.

If the paper makes you breathe a sigh of relief, you will be happy to know that we also have an eBook: 5 Things Your PI Should Know About Synthetic RNA that will help convince your PI and lab-mates (if they aren't convinced already).


Download the Info Kit